Understanding Employee Motivation !!

Understanding Employee Motivation !!

Employee Motivation is an integral part Human Resource Management and it plays a crucial role in the long-term growth of an organization. Motivation can be defined as the inherent enthusiasm and driving force to accomplish a task. It can be used in directing employees’ behavior and actions for a constructive vision or goal. Proper motivation turns an employee into a loyal asset and helps in maintaining the retention rate.

What is Employee Motivation?

The word motivation is derived from Latin word ‘movere’ which means ‘to move’. Motivation is something – a desire, a want, need or drive − that moves or spurs an individual to act in a particular way to achieve a goal or objective.

Employee Motivation

The factors that stimulate the behavior and actions of the people are as follows −

  • Success and advancement in Life
  • Desire for Money
  • Desire to be empowered
  • Work Satisfaction
  • Recognition in the Society etc.

Employee motivation is defined as the commitment, the energy levels, and the creativity that the employees bring to their job. Even though employees’ motivation doesn’t directly influence organization’s growth, it is like a necessary pre-condition because lack of motivation among the employees can have a detrimental effect on their performance.

Impact of Well-Motivated Employees

Well-motivated employees are an asset to the organization and they write the success of organization and therefore, every organization should accord utmost attention to employees’ motivation.

A well-motivated employee stays with the organization through its thick and thin. Motivation is essential for establishing an effective relationship between the employer and the employees.

In the modern management system many methods of motivation have been put into practice to enhance productivity of the employees. Apart from various methods of motivation, there are certain well-acknowledged motivators such as job design, nature of job and system of incentives and rewards for the employees that play a decisive role in ensuring employees’ longevity, productivity and efficiency.

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