Smart Transportation

Smart Transportation

We provide cost effective and state of the art technology-based solution, which
solve the basic purpose of passenger convenience, a technology which help
millions of commuters who commute on daily basis through, road, railways,
buses, etc.

Integrated Passenger Information Systems

is a Single System Control
providing Audio & Visual Information to passenger via Multiple Display
Spanning Over Entire Station mainly installed for passenger convenience.

System Includes :
  • Redundant control console unit loaded with application
  • L.E.D. Display Board of different sizes, various communication
    hubs and CCTV’s.
  • P.C. based announcement system.

All these products are Integrated Together, so that is works as one single
system to provide travel information to passengers.

PA System:

PA system are audio announcements or voice made on bus stations, railways stations,its to communicate real time messages to passengers more effectively.

Purpose & Benefits:
  • (a)To inform passenger about schedule.
  • (b)To provide real time information in amount.
  • (c)To commute instantly with passenger in case of emergency.
  • (d)Guide passenger by providing useful information.

Bus Display System(One picture or figure):

Bus Display System are led based display system that provide real time audio and visual information to passengers regarding destination,time and execute effectively.

Purpose & Benefits:
  • (a)Real time information communicated to passengers.
  • (b)Audio announcement for announcing various messages like bus route,destination,time to reach,etc.
  • (c)Provide longer usibility to passengers.

GPS Clocks:

GPS clocks are led based single or double side clock, which help passenger, get the execute and inform time based on GPS synchronization. There is GPS master clock which takes time directly from GPS satellite and send date to the respective save clocks.

Purpose & Benefits:
  • (a)Uniform & accurate time 24x7.
  • (b)No battery problem.
  • (c)Low cost maintenance