Railway Modernization

Railway Modernization

Qumen Technologies being the supplier of RDSO approved products to Indian Railways, has modernised railway stations on pan India basis.

Some of the solutions for Transport sector are as follows:-

Passenger Information System

Integrated Passenger Information Systems is a Single System Control providing Audio & Visual Information to passenger via Multiple Display Spanning Over Entire Station mainly installed for passenger convenience.

System Includes
  • Redundant control console unit loaded with application software.
  • L.E.D. Display Board of different sizes, various communication hubs and CCTV’s.
  • P.C. based announcement system.

All these products are Integrated Together, so that is works as one single system to provide travel information to passengers.

PA System

Are audio announcement or voice made on bus stands, railways stations etc. to communicate real time messages to passengers more effectively.

  • To inform passengers about schedule.
  • To provide real tome information
  • To communicate instantly with passenger in case of emergency.
  • Guide the passengers by giving useful information.

Bus display system

Bus display system is led -based display systems to provide real time audio and visual information to passengers regarding destination, time & schdule effectively.

  • Real time information communicated to passengers.
  • Audio announcement for providing various messages like bus, route, final destination, expected time to reach it, etc
  • Provide longer visibility to passengers


GPS CLOCKS Are led based single or double side clocks which help passenger get exact & uniform time based on GPS synchronization. There is a GPS master clock which take time directly from GPS satellite and send data to its respective slave clocks.

  • accurate time 24*7
  • No battery problem
  • Low cost maintenance


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