Is simply a network of interrelated devices or systems which are connected to each other over
internet and can transfer data without any human intervention.

ST has always been in forefront when it comes to IOT

Major IOT systems provided by ST which are used in smart cities. i.e. PIS, PA system all communicate
to each other over a network with any human interference have made ST a well recognized name in
emerging technology.

Apart from this ST IOT division mainly focus on flowing:-.

INDUSTRIAL IOT  Is a sub part of IOT and mainly used in industrial and manufacturing secotrs. ST
with the help of modern sensor technology help to enhance the capability or capacity of plant &
machinery with remote monitoring and maintenance.

Purpose & Benefits

(a)Sensor detect any malfunction taking place in machinery and quickly send it to the
concerned department.

(b)Quick solution to any problem found in process, which help save time & cost

(c)Help in analysis of overall business process and help departments make future ready

Mainly, used in factories, refineries, supply chain where any leakage can be easily detected and
analyzed by our firm IIOT solution.

Agriculture IOT  

IOT solves major problems which occur in our agriculture industry today. From solving irrigation
challenges to soil forecasting we can get a correct picture and can act accordingly.

Purpose & Benefits

(a)Sensor installed in soil can monitor various parameters of crop field like light, humidity,
temperature, soil, moisture etc. and automate the complete irrigation system.

(b) . Leads to better crop yield, less erosion which directly benefit farmers.

(c)Help grow food cleanly and sustainable for masses.