Cloud & Virtualization

Cloud & Virtualization

Helping enterprises with faster cloud & virtual solutions. Migrating from data center to cloud solution in short time.

We provide best in class Virtualization softwares and also host resources on various public, private and hybrid cloud platforms, so the organisations can save cost and reduce its expenditure on buying expensive IT infrastructure.

  • To collect and maintain data at centralized place.
  • To act on the basic of report from the data and provide solutions faced by the citizens.
  • Leads to timely decision making for better preparation and planning for future task.


Great service and great experts! Stimulus is real helper in finance and accounting. They have various services which can be useful for every entrepreneur and business owner. I’ve already recommended Stimulus to my colleagues and they were also pleased!

Todd Stevens Developer

Thank you Dave for our lovely wedding photo session! It was an amazing day and your photos totally represent that atmosphere! Our next photo session with our baby will definitely be with Dave!

Adam Smith Designer