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Our vision

To provide solutions & services which can optimize and improve business process functions through digitalization.

Qumen Technologies (previously known as Sikka Technologies), a company under Sikka Group Umbrella is a young company founded , especially to provide “Technology Services & Smart  Mobility and other core IT Solutions & services” to various government  departments specifically to Ministry of Railways, Ministry of home affairs (includes police and complete paramilitary forces), Transport Sector and various other government agencies. The core strength of the firm lies in Turnkey Modernization projects of railway stations on pan India basis (approved RDSO suppliers) and for various police departments,  through its dynamic and skilled employees as well as the far sighted, visionary leadership. 

Whether its your basic hardware or software licensing needs, server- storage and compute solutions or  complex solutions for Cyber Security and Artificial intelligence or IOT based solution we are up to deliver best in class solutions with high grade service level agreements. We at Qumen help businesses, governments achieve their desired results in most cost efficient and effective manner. We are a one stop shop for all IT related solutions & services.We are also resellers for some of the world renowned OEM’s domestically and internationally. We also provide facility management service and annual service contracts, so that business can focus on what they do the best.

Cost effective solution.

Timely execution

Full dedicated team of experts.

Managed service


Cost Effective Solution


Dedicated Team Of Expert


Timely Execution


Managed Services

We Got the Skills

We Help Business Grow!!.

Needless to say that we here feel very strongly about working in partnership with our clients, ideas and technologies.

Smart city

SMART Solutions are a modern day neccessity of every city or town in every county all around the globe to provide best services to its citizens. Qumen is at its forefront when it comes to smart cities.

Data Center infrastructure

We provide critical IT infrastructure and source them from large and Gartner quadrent OEMs as resellers and help companies establish the right set of IT infra for their data center projects.


Qumen with its tie up with Cisco provide wide range of networking solutions, help organisations maintain the uptime and secured network by providing world class solutions for the same.

Cyber Security

Cyber security today, is at the heart of every organisation and to protect its critical data and resources from cyber attacks, we provide best end point and data center security, network security solutions to our clients.

Smart Transportation

Qumen with its strong team and experience has modernized various transport sectors especially railways. We provide RDSO approved Led based display, CCTVs, Networking solutions and run them through a centralized system on railway stations all over India.

Cloud & Virtualization

We provide best in class Virtualization softwares and also host resources on various public, private and hybrid cloud platforms, so the organisations can save cost and reduce its expenditure on buying expensive IT infrastructure.